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Magic Water Beads 10000pcs Bag

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Endless hours of squishy fun with these Magic Water Beads

These tiny, hard balls do something quite peculiar when soaked in water. In just hours, they swell up to many times their original size. In the end, they are squishy little jelly-like balls 1cm in diameter. And you'll be surprised by how many there are!

  • LOOKING FOR THE MOST FUN MAGIC WATER BEADS? – Ultimate fun & exciting expandable water beads will make the greatest sensory toy for children and multicolour decoration your home or party!
  • TRYING TO SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR CHILD? – Your sweety will love the colorful, soft and squishy feel of these expandable water gel pearls! And for some messy fun? Try adding some shaving cream and watch your child’s face glow with happiness! :)
  • NEED A DECORATION STRAIGHT OUT OF A FAIRY TALE? – Try using our stunning water gel pearls for centerpiece, vase, garden, floral arrangement or party decoration and you can rest assured that your guests will be mesmerized by the rainbow-coloured magic! Simply place them into clear vases to jazz up the look for your plants and the beads will release water to the plant's roots gradually.
  • Fun and educational toy for adults and kids
  • Let soak for 6-7 hours for best results 

Package includes:

  • 1 bag of approx. 10000 pcs Magic Water Beads
  • Approximate Weight: 50g
  • Diameter 9-11 mm (when soaked)

*Not recommended for kids under the age of 9. Choking Hazard. Use under adult supervision only.


Magic Water Beads