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Seat Belt Pillow

Seat Belt Pillow

Great Product

Our grandson is almost 7 yo & is now in a booster seat. I put it on wrong- the seam was on the top. So he fixed it & promptly fell asleep. On our return home he fell asleep again. And he liked it.

Love it

Worked great to keep our sonโ€™s head from falling over while sleeping on our road trip last weekend! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Awesome product

We love it

Good at keeping word. Very comfortable for baby and I feel itโ€™s safer for neck. Thank you

Love the t-shirts!

Seat belt pillow

Lovre them there perfect

Seatbelt pillow

I really like the pillow. Easy to put on, comfortable for my child.

Seat Belt Pillow

Seat belt pillow.

Easy to install. Took a road trip last week & my grandson fell asleep. It helped him keep his head & neck in a better position.

My grandkids like it but wish they were bigger and fluffier.

Completely useful. Loved it!

Nice little pillow

My 4-yr-old niece loves her new seat belt pillow. She just grew into the larger seat and this really makes her more comfortable. Wish it was a little more padded.

Could be bigger for a 5 yr old but she likes it and it is better

seat belt pillow

My granddaughter loves it. Its soft and comfy.

Cozy Cushion

Soft cozy seat belt cushion works well. It's useful for kids as well as adults too!

Seat Beakt pillow

Itโ€™s great my grandson like.๐Ÿ˜Š

My kids love them!

Such a simple, yet clever idea that makes road trips and unexpected car naps so much more comfortable. Thank you!

Seat Belt Pillow


Seat Belt Pillow


very comfortable for my daughter

Seat Belt Pillow

Perfect for the car!

I love it and so do my kids! Wonderful purchase!